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Press conference on tensegrity (France)

  • Ahead of the launching of the Ultra Correction Lift products, CHANEL Research & Technology presented the concept of tensegrity to international scientific press on March 9th, 2009. A lecture was given by Pr. Donald Ingber (Harvard University) who has done pioneering work on the importance of tensegrity in cellular biology. A round-table was also organized, gathering Pr. Ingber, Christian Mahé, Senior Vice-President of CHANEL R&T, René Motro, former Director of the Laboratory for Mechanics and Civil Engineering at the Université de Montpellier 2 and Patrick Pajon, researcher at the Research Center on Imaginary at the Université de Grenoble.
    Our integrative approach enabled us to assess that tensegrity, originally an architectural concept, is important in maintaining the skin’s proper function and thus its youthful appearance. We have done promising research to address the loss of tensional integrity in aging skin, by acting on all levels of the skin simultaneously – the cell, the matrix and the link between the dermis and epidermis – to restore tensegrity, firmness and youth.


Press conference on tensegrity (France) - Press release

    • 03/09/2009 Press file (English) PDF
    • 03/09/2009 Press file (French) PDF
    • 03/09/2009 Press file (German) PDF

Press conference on tensegrity (France) - DOCUMENTS

    • 03/09/2009 Article The concept of tensegrity (English) PDF
    • 03/09/2009 Differential expression of the focal adhesion protein tensin-1 (TNS-1) in cultured human dermal fibroblasts, G. Saintigny, F-X. Bernard, F. Juchaux, N. Pedreti, C. Mahé PDF
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