Human and social sciences

The pole “Human and social sciences” focuses on the sensorial, emotional, psychological, sociological and esthetic dimensions of cosmetics. All these dimensions are studied in terms of their cultural variability (ethnological approach) and their evolution trends (anthropological approach). Studies on sensorial perceptions are conducted throughout the world to capture sensorial preferences related to cosmetic textures. Studies on emotions are being developed to understand the impact of cosmetics usage on the emotional state, the self-esteem and the well-being (psychology). In parallel, studies analyzing the perception of age, radiance, feminity and attractivity are conducted to determine major universal and specific beauty criteria. We also follow up long-term studies on the evolution of women’s beauty routine and their representations of body-care.


This approach has led to several inspiring collaborations including with Pr. D. Desjeux from La Sorbone, France and Pr. R. Russel from Gettysburg University, USA

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