Life sciences

The pole “life sciences” develops in-depth research on the structure and function of healthy skin. Faithful to our scientific approach, we define dynamic models of the skin in the field of dermatology. From the macro to the micro, these models integrate clinical observations, biophysical and biochemical analysis, cellular and molecular biology inputs, and genetic studies. To explain the life of the skin, its evolutions and reactions, the impact of environment and lifestyle through time as well as ethnic variations, are taken into account.
This comprehensive approach makes it possible not only to understand that each woman is unique in terms of her genetic background, the environment she lives in and her life style but also to find the common fundamental biological principals ruling the life of the skin. We are thus able to select the pertinent biological targets able to synergistically balance the skin system for improved skin function and quality (hydration, pigmentation…). This work leads to the development of specific poly-active ingredients as described later on.

This approach has led to several inspiring collaborations including with Pr. D. Ingber from Harvard University, USA, on the concept of tensegrity; with Pr. F. Watts from Cambridge University, UK, for a work on stem cells; with Pr. F. Xiang from Huashan University, China, for a study on specificities of Chinese skin.

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