The pole “technologies” enables us to build cosmetic products and solutions offering efficiency with safety, simplicity and pleasure. Therefore they must ensure long term efficacy through biological activity, immediate and long lasting effects and sensorial and emotional benefits.
We focus on the research and creation of biologically active ingredients. Knowledge from phytochemistry, ethnobotany, pharmacology, molecular modeling, molecular extraction and synthesis expertise need to be integrated in order to create the most efficient yet safest ingredients.
We also dedicate major resources to the creation of active formulas offering all the benefits required. Studies are conducted to find and design appropriate ingredients providing interesting properties to our products in terms of immediate and long lasting efficacy, sensoriality, etc. Specific formulation is worked to make the most out of the beneficial properties of polyactive ingredients. Formulation processes are also under investigation to catch the latest innovation.
Alongside the development of products, it remains necessary to focus on new measurement tools to measure all the benefits expected.


Poly-active molecules

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