The integrative methodologies: multidisciplinary and collaborative

In light of the systemic approach, the study of the interactions, the relations and the organization of elements rather than the element itself will permit addressing the complexity of human beings more effectively. To address this new approach, new methods are required: Integrative methodologies. They are based on a multidisciplinary organization, where collaboration and coordination of different expertise are fundamental to build upon the best knowledge and know-how.


Within CHANEL R&T, the project culture is based on integrative methodologies. A long-term perspective, gathering the best experts, and then assuring a flawless scientific integration are developed, guaranteeing our innovation capacity. This ability to integrate knowledge from three major scientific fields we have defined [human and social sciences, life sciences and technology] and the quality of exchanges in this global vision result in the creation of solutions respecting the complexity while offering the simplest usage.

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