The systemic paradigm

Initiated in diverse fields such as biology, cybernetic, social psychology, theory of systems, social anthropology… the systemic paradigm appears to be the major scientific paradigm of the 21st century.
The systemic approach (from the Greek systema: organized together) is another vision of the world, an innovative paradigm. It differs from Descartes’ legacy, the reductionist/analytical model based on the reduction of complex problems to several simpler ones more easily solved. The systemic approach envisions the world (biological, physical and social) as a vast irreducible dynamic system constituted by a complex network of interdependent sub-systems. The reductionism is completed by this interdependence between parties that are taken into account in the systemic paradigm**. All together, the obtained solutions, thanks to logical links, lead to a comprehensive solution of the problem originally posed.
**Ludwig Von Bertalanfy, Pascal


The systemic approach | The integrative methodologies

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